Dallas ISD Art Teacher Featured on NBCDFW in ‘Heart of Teaching’ Campaign


One art teacher in the Dallas ISD is doing something good and going above and beyond to teach her students Black history through music, books and artwork.

“We have a history as African Americans, but what I wanted to do was express the good that came out of that history. We all know lots of things. So I wanted to express in my art, is how we became the people we are today,” said Carolyn Chew.

Chew teaches all grade levels at Dallas ISD’s D.W. Carter High School, weaving history into her work in her studio and in the classroom. She wants her students to think of art as a way of expressing themselves.

Chew’s recognition is part of Dallas ISD’s “Heart of Teaching” annual campaign.  

The acclaimed art teacher just started working on a new series, “Quilts,” where she is diving deeper into the meaning of their woven history, which in many cases was an artistic escape for African Americans.