Altrusa International of Downtown Dallas donates $44,000 to the Dallas Education Foundation to support Thomas Jefferson High School.

Altrusa International of Downtown Dallas lives up to its name with their altruism and support for literacy and learning. “Altrusa focuses on community service and specifically projects centered on literacy. Our slogan is, ‘Educating families for a better future’,” said Karen Washington, President of Altrusa International of Downtown Dallas.

“When the tornados ripped through Northwest Dallas, we had thousands of kids that were displaced from their schools. One of the hardest hit was our Thomas Jefferson community,” says Mita Havlick, Executive Director of the Dallas Education Foundation.

As a result of the devastation to their school, students and staff from Thomas Jefferson were relocated to the campus that formerly served as Thomas A. Edison Middle School. The COVID-19 pandemic hit a few months after and additional resources were needed. Altrusa International of Downtown Dallas answered the call. “As an Alum of Thomas Jefferson High School class of 1972, we realized the enormous impact that the tornados had,” said Debby Webber, Vice Chair of Altrusa’s International Foundation Board. “We wanted to serve a need that could reach the most students.”

Naomi Ayala, President Elect of Altrusa International of Downtown Dallas, explains, “We were able to provide Achieve3000, a literacy program which is aligned with Altrusa International’s mission to help improve literacy education. We also provided teachers with Screencastify to support distance learning and 30 Apple MacBooks to STEAM students.”

Principal Sandi Massey is incredibly grateful, “Without Altrusa, we could not have gotten the resources we need. I just want to say a huge thank you to Altrusa. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”